Toki City (Gifu Prefecture) is the largest producer of ceramic tableware in Japan.

ICHINAKA Co., Ltd. consults and submits project proposals and conducts wholesale business for “Minoyaki” ware the representative pottery of Japan to wholesale dealers and various restaurants/shops all over Japan.

We think that “tableware (utsuwa)” is a part of “cuisine.”
“Minoyaki” ware truly expresses Japanese culture and Japanese spirit. A consciousness about food that Japanese food has, that is, delicacy, color and arrangement, and an attention to detail. A sense of satisfaction that we can enjoy various healthy ingredients. Please enjoy healthy meals in the ultimate dining environment.
A fusion of food, tableware and environment … Now it’s time to adopt “Cool Japan.”

Allow us to select your tableware when your restaurant/shop is ready for opening.

We propose tableware that meets your needs (dining category, atmosphere, and menu of your restaurant/shop) from several tens of thousands of tableware types.

We support various dining types from exclusive Japanese food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food, and fusion food for your restaurant/shop.

We propose tableware suggesting an image and using our catalogue and directly visit your restaurant/shop upon your request.

“When it is necessary to add or replace tableware as soon as possible, but there is a question about whether it can be delivered in time?” “It is always a worrisome point as to whether a small volume of tableware can be prepared.”
We respond to such requests from customers with kindness and care.

We also search to provide the tableware that is currently used by the customer.

*If product information at the time of purchase (catalog name, catalog CD, product name, back stamp (mark) is known, we can deliver the product soon. Even if such information is not known, we check the images and actual products to respond to delivery.

We recommend original personalized service for you in order to distinguish your shop from your competitors. The name or logo of your restaurant/shop is marked on the portion designated by you.

We accept small lot orders. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is our service special for “Minoyaki” ware, the largest production of pottery in Japan.

We introduce the latest tableware that cannot be found in catalogs or on the Internet.

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